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Here at Spitting Chips, tree surgery is our specialty and our experts are fully trained in the art of safe tree removal. Servicing the Canberra area, our team can perform a wide range of services for clients large and small. From removing overhanging branches, to removing entire trees, when it comes to tree surgery the team at Spitting Chips can take care of the job with precision and safety.

If you have a large old tree on your property that is worrying you, you cannot afford to wait.

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Call on the experts at Spitting Chips for a trusted and reliable tree service. Servicing the Canberra area, you would be stumped to find a better qualified and more professional team.

We can safely remove overhanging branches, stumps and dangerous trees from your property.

Don't wait until the next big storm hits. Call one of the experts of our tree service in Canberra today.

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Stump Grinding

If you have tried DIY stump removal before, you probably will have discovered that the tree's roots go much deeper and further than you originally thought.

Luckily the team at Spitting Chips have a range of expert techniques and the right equipment to remove even the deepest stumps. Old stumps in your yard can be an unsightly mess, so call our team today and we will have your yard looking great in no time.

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Manage your Environment

  • Use a Quality Arborist
  • Free Fixed Price Quotes
  • Tree Surgery
  • Confined Space Removals
  • Pruning & Shaping (to Australian Standards) A.S. 4373
  • Tree Removals
  • Stump Grinding
  • Chipping
  • Powerline Clearing
  • ACTEWAGL Accredited
  • Insured
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Tree Removal

Just like everything, trees can get sick and they can die. Our arborist can advise you on the life expectancy of your trees, therefore how long you will be able to keep them.

When a Tree is dead, diseased, damaged, in a dangerous condition or position, it may need to be removed. Always call the professionals at Spitting Chips, we can remove your trees with maximum safety and effectiveness while offering affordable prices.


Trimming and Maintenance

Some varieties of trees, including palms and cocos, require ongoing maintenance as they age which is where we step in.

We can come to your home and reduce the overall size of the green area, rejuvenating your trees. Our staff in Spitting Chips can also treat your garden beds and trees with safe materials to ensure a continued healthy life. All our staff are qualified tree workers.

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Powerline Clearing

We are fully insured and ActewAGL accredited to perform difficult tasks such as powerline clearing and confined space removals.

If you have received notification that your trees must be trimmed or removed to prevent powerline problems please call the experts who will get it right first time.

Our knowledge, experience and accreditations have ensured we perform every task to a perfect standard. Call now.” 

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